Chenille Fabric Is The Obsessed Trend Of The Season

Move over shearling, because chenille fabric is the textile of the season. If you’re not sure what chenille fabric is, just know you have seen it at all your fave stores already like Zara, ASOS, Missguided, Shein and more. According to the dictionary it’s:

noun: chenille; plural noun: chenilles: a tufted velvety cord or yarn, used for trimming furniture and making carpets and clothing.
AKA, it’s the coziest material you’re going to get for winter and you need it ASAP.

Chenille is all the rage for this winter. First, we are seeing it on sweaters just about everywhere. From high designers to affordable stores, we mean everywhere. Whether short sleeve or long, intricate details or simple AF, the sweater looks rich, keeps you warm, and goes with just about any type of bottom. It’s practicality is endless!  Designers have upgraded the trend, putting it on all types of clothing from warm winter skirts, to flawless dresses. If you don’t believe us, seriously take one scroll through IG and we can guarantee you’ll 100p see all your fave influencers in the material.

Another plus? It comes in loads of different colors. We love how luxurious a bold blue, purple, green or orange look in it. Additionally, neutrals look just as classy and amazing. Find it in nude, white, brown, taupe, beige and of course our favorite, black.

Finally, the look and chenille fabric can work for any occasion. Throw a sweater version oit on with your joggers, wear it with a pencil skirt for work, or find a head to toe dress in chenille fabric for that exciting date. The possibilities are endless when it come to its versatility.

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to slide into this look faster than our ex is going to slide into our DM’s. Check out our fav looks below.

Selena Gomez looks elegant in mom jeans and casual black loafers which she was spotted wearing while in New York City.
03 Oct 2017