This Low Key Chicago Brewery Is Officially Our Favorite And Here’s Why

Many of us have had the Lagunitas and Goose Island brewery tour experience, but we are officially in love with one that might not be as familiar to you as it should be!

If there’s one thing WRUW is always trying to do, it’s find spots that are more underground yet full of creativity genius – and recently, we totally found the beer version of this. Over Memorial Weekend, we booked a brewery tour at Moody Tongue. We decided it would be a good place the vibes and inside of the place looked too cute to pass out – but little did we know that was just the beginning of it all.

For one, the place allowed us to email and reserve a tour, making it super easy and way less frantic when it comes to making sure you’ll get a spot and fighting all the drunk people off (kidding, but not really).

When we arrived, the place was even cuter than expected. They gave us a glass full of a beer of our own choice and we sat down and met Marita. Marita was right up our alley. First off, she was probably the coolest and most chic person we’ve ever seen give a brewery tour. She was super knowledgeable and had no problem answering any questions we had. During the tour, she gave us a lot of time to take photos and get up close and personal with some of the behind the scenes stuff – we have never been to a brewery that has had no problem letting us take our time for the perfect IG photo!

The tour was awesome and we learned a lot (all while taking photos and being a part of the brewery scene). The tour was amazing  – but the fun didn’t stop there. Next up we got a tasting – but not your average tasting.

They brought out a 12-layer cake – yes a 12-layer cake! If that wasn’t good enough, each layer had a beer that went best with the taste. While most breweries serve tastings in mini beer glasses – this place took it up a bougie factor by serving each beer in a wine glass – we were obsessed. While the cake was massive, you couldn’t say no to trying the next layer.

While we can’t stop talking about the beer and the cake – the actual bar area was just as great. There was music, awesome people and all the best vibes you could ask for. Moody Tongue is a place that’s a must-go-to for any beer lover! Check out a video below.


By Staci Wuokko, Deputy Editor of WRUW