8 Beauty Rules All Newbie Chicagoans Experience During Their First Winter

If your new to Chicago, welcome! The city is full of amazing food, activities, and people. Unfortunately, bad comes with the good (or should we say great), and that includes our harsh winter. Whether you walk, take the L or are commuting via car, the cold air eventually catches up to you and takes a toll on your beauty. While you may think this is just your typical winter -think again. You’re outside more often in the city, and most likely your new apartment isn’t as up to par with keeping the cold out as where you lived previously. Don’t worry – we have eight rules to follow in order to keep you in check and looking flawless. Check it out below.

Putting your mascara and eyeliner on AFTER you get to your destination.
Your eyes will be watering like you’ve never seen before – yes, even more than when your ex dumped you. No one likes raccoon eyes. Save the mascara and eyeliner for your arrival. If you don’t need it, don’t wear it – trust us.

You’ll go through more moisturizer than you ever thought possible.
You know when you put it on, then walk away, and it feels like you didn’t even apply it? You’ll want to invest in a high quality moisturizer, or you may find yourself applying it way more than usual.

Split ends happen a lot faster.
Dry air can cause our locks to be more brittle. Stay up on your trims, heat protectants and deep conditioners.

You’ll actually buy a humidifier.
You probably never thought you’d have to buy your own humidifier – but when it comes to adulting for your skin in Chicago’s cold – you’ll want to in order to keep any moisturizer in your skin you can. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a big bulky thing like your parents use to use on you when you were sick. We love this little and pretty humidifier that allows you to put essiential oils in – making it as homeworthy as it can get.

Self tanner and bronzer become your best friend.
It will be a very, very long time until you are able to catch some rays. Fake it until you make it with a self tanner or bronzer – our go-to is Tarte’s Chocolate du Soleil.

You’re like an electric outlet with your static hair.
Not only is your hair full of static – but you’re shocking about everything you touch. Use a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner if you fall victim to the static.

You’ll have to primp your hands and feet.
Cold weather – no – freezing below zero weather – means more cracked hands and rough feet. You’ll need more TLC than ever when it comes to The Windy City’s winter. O’Keils works best for both and is affordable for all budgets.

Dry itchy scalp is a real thing – not just something you see on a Head & Shoulders commercial.
Your scalp can become extremely dry, causing dandruff. Try one of these tricks or get yourself a special shampoo or conditioner in order to help prevent.