Chicago’s HAPPY PLACE: WhatRUWearing Team Hits Up Instagram Paradise

If you’re looking to get a dope Instagram picture, look no further than Chicago’s HAPPY PLACE.

HAPPY PLACE in Chicago is a place that seriously can make you happy AF. Whether you have kids that need to get out of the house or are looking for that go-to IG photo, this is the place. There are 13 rooms you enter, and each has a different theme. From lips to bathtubs, and flowers to upside down rooms, the event has you covered for some interesting content.

It began in Los Angeles, and after a year, the owner, Jared Paul, thought why not bring it to Chicago. Why Chicago? He wanted a place where there are amazing artists, architecture, and food.

Also available, is the world’s largest indoor Confetti Dome and a giant pot of gold-colored balls – so if you dream of jumping into a ball pit past the age of 5, here you go! Even crazier, is people are using this place to announce they’re pregnant or reveal the gender of the baby. Crazy … or genius? You can decide.

At the end, you are brought to a center which has Rainbow Grilled Cheese and Unicorn Mac & Cheese, because you can’t have an IG-worthy place without IG-worthy food (duh).

“There’s a lot of things going on in our world that don’t make us happy and for one hour I want people inside these walls to have nothing to think about other than just anything happy,” said creator, Jared Paul.

“It’s a really immersive experience. From the soundtrack to the smells to the touches of Happy Place. We take what we’re doing very seriously, and what we’re doing is over the course of about an hour trying to deliver nothing but joy and spontaneous happiness to people.”

And let us tell you, one of us had a really rough day before entering, and upon leaving, had forgotten about ANY worries. So, whatever he’s doing, it’s totally working.
“It has  a lot of local flair, and our exterior is unique to Chicago,” Paul stated about Chicago’s HAPPY PLACE. “Every physical building we go into gives us a new canvas to paint on, and we’re kind of known for turning buildings yellow. So people can expect surprises.”

Happy Place

June 28 through Monday, August 6

Tickets start at $30

1004 N. Elston Ave.