Clear Plastic Tote Bags That Are Expensive AF By High Designers

Sometimes you need to be completely transparent.… at least when it comes to the hottest trend in bags this summer. Call it clear, see-through, transparent, PVS – doesn’t matter because clear plastic tote bags are already all over IG and on every dope fashionista’s shoulder. The bags were spotted on all runways from Milan to London, and some brands have already instantly sold out. Which is dope sh*t cray cray. Are we right? Seriously, these bags are made of plastic, yet are selling for thousands on thousands of dollars. But hey, it’s aesthetically pleasing AF so we kind of get it.

Here are five of our favorite dope clear plastic tote bags that we wish we could afford – but def can’t (okay, we included one). Hey, we can dream, right?

The A5 and A6 totes are made from 100-percent PVC. The bags come in clear versions of  purple, orange and black, and has white lettering and silver accents on the straps. You can get Nana-Nana’s bags at KITH Women stores retailing $50 to $70 USD.

Places + Faces dropped their new transparent bags, and we’re obsessed. The clear plastic tote bags are laminated and showcases the brand’s logo. The bag comes equipped with a hand and shoulder strap so you can carry it however the f you please!

Prada def doesn’t want to miss out on this trend, so they created a PVC tote that comes in three different colors to go with everyone’s personality. The piece has colored details on the trims and handle and comes with an open-top design with a magnetic fastening. Of course, the logo is in plain site which makes it look super dope. Additionally, it has a detachable clutch that can sit in the bag, making you look more fashion forward than evs. It can be yours for a mere $1,040.

Ain’t no fashion party until it’s an Off-White party, obvs. Off-white recently dropped extra-large clear tote bags, because they’re as extra as you get! It is made of black PVC with Off-White straps and shows just the right amount of gear inside your bag. This bag can seriously fit everything and more, so you can haul you’re whole tiny apartment around with you if needed. It’s perfect for when you’re surviving summer and bouncing friend’s couch to friend’s couch.  Get the bag at for $1,279 USD.

Alright we cheated. It’s not a tote – but it was too great to leave off the list. MM6 Maison Margiela made a major comeback by bringing a sturdy and chic clear backpack. Seriously, we are obsessed. Or, at least we were until we learned it costs $553. The bag has a white zipper and pocket in front, along with the logo smack dab in the middle. That’s what’s up!

By Staci Wuokko