Creative Minds: How To Keep Up Your Creative Planning & Flow

Creative minds are like no other. Let’s be real. We are usually pretty set in our own creative planning process, but that’s what makes us uniquely us, right? Unfortunately, with creativity comes creative blocks. This can feel like death to creative person. You ever have a bad hangover you think will never end? Yes, that’s exactly the best way we can describe a creative block. A dark time you know will at some point be over with, but are shaking with fear the entire time.

When it comes to creative minds, we all go through creative blocks differently. WhatRUWearing’s team is always coming up with new ideas and concepts, and is always trying to see through other’s eyes. Meaning, we have all hit some major creative blocks when we have a lot on our plate.

If you’re going through a funk and need to get back to creative planning, we got you. Here is how we individually all get over our creative block – or even better, avoid it all together.

Farissa Knox
I am constantly consuming content, looking at what both my competitors, people and brands I admire are doing. I do this all with the purpose of figuring out how me and my team can do it better. Never taking my eyes off of ‘the people’ is important. The people walking down the street, the people on the bus, the people whose energy you can feel when you walk by them. It’s those moments where sparks of creativity comes your way and it’s up to you to lean in to them- and more importantly, remember the idea that came from it.

Mary Melnikov
To keep my creative juices flowin’, I usually get inspired by going to different events around the city. Whether it’s for networking purposes, or a special release of a fashion line, events are a great way to meet people. The people I meet are from all over and have just as creative minds. I try to go to at least two to three events a week, just so I can get out there and be part of what’s relevant and different cultures of topics. There’s creativity all around us, and for me, talking to people and having conversations about things that are relative to our culture today gives me ideas for topics that I can use to discuss on the podcast. We live in a fast-paced culture, so there’s always something new to talk about!

Rashima Sampson
One of the good things about social media is it could sometimes be an outlet for endless inspiration for creative minds. I like to consume all the other content out there. Whether it’s fashion and beauty looks on Instagram, cool videos, funny/relocatable articles, or music. I have a lot of resources at my fingertips that all ends up sparking my creativity. I also keep my creativity flowing by going to different events. Exploring the city itself, and staying up to date with all the events happening inspires me to come up with ideas for stories to tell, and connect with people by highlighting the most trendy and relevant things.

I also really enjoy image based social media, such as Instagram or Tumblr and saving all of my favorite images. Watching a bunch of fashion related documentaries as well. We love seeing all of the chaos that goes on during fashion shows, editorial shoots or big magazine production teams coming up with the next cover.

Yazmine Fowler
I’m always finding really cool panel talks and interviews by my favorite creative minds. I think it’s nice to listen to the people who made a great career out of their passions, and discuss the nitty gritty parts of their journey that we miss out on seeing. With social media being a constant highlight reel, it can be hard to stay motivated and start to feel like I’m behind. Hearing really successful people discuss their similar stories is a great reminder to keep going and constantly trust my creative instincts.

Madison Cebular
If I ever feel like I have really hit a creative roadblock, I literally just stop what I’m working on and do something else. Sometimes, the only way to come up with an idea is to just step away and take a break. Then eventually, I’ll hit this epiphany moment when my mind is totally clear and not focused on whatever it was I was just working on. If you’re going to take a break, make sure it’s productive: work out, read, explore the city. Do something that excites you because that also usually inspires you. Also, ASK FOR HELP! Everyone in this world has a different perspective, and with a creative block, sometimes it takes looking at from a different angle to feel inspired, so asking for advice or ideas from someone else can be super helpful.

Gaby Irizarry
I usually get inspired when procrastinating, like watching a new series on Netflix, going out on a stroll with my puppy, cooking and even in the shower. For some reason the perfect ideas just come through in those moments. Other than that I research, brainstorm and read a lot before building a creative structure. But I always have in mind the audience that the “brand” is talking to, which helps justify everything that goes out there.
Staci Wuokko
My best ideas usually come from when I’m not thinking about it. TBH, all my best things have come from right when I’m about to sleep. I write everything down that I think of, otherwise I forget it later. I also love brainstorm sessions with groups. My favorite days are when my team gets together, because the sh*t we come up with is so good. I would die without travel. I have to travel in order to keep my brain alive. It opens me up to seeing what is happening outside my bubble, and I think that is truly so important. The food, clothes, people, the list goes on and on.
I love creating things on Photoshop just for fun, it loosens up mind up so to speak. I also meditate – a lot. Meditation is no joke, and I’ve learned I can’t really live without it.
What sparks your creativity? Comment below!