Culotte Jeans Are Totes Happening Right Now

We’re not exactly sure what culotte means, but what we do know is if you take mom jeans + cropped pants + flares, you’ll totally get a pair. We tried to deny the pants as long as we could from our closet, but we’ll be the first to admit, their flirty look is growing on us. Culotte jeans are just like coffee – they definately are an acquired taste, but after one try, you’ll start asking yourself why you can’t stop!

While you might think you’re too tall or too short for the pants, culotte jeans are actually versatile for every body type. Look for a pair that hits directly above the ankle, or right above the calf so that your legs still have length. Dress them with some stilettos and fancy them up, or opt to go a more ’70s vibes with sandals or sneakers – the possibilities are endless and you’re sure to look trendy and on fleek.

When it comes to what you wear on top, we suggest going with something structured or more form fitting to flatter your entire look. A crop top can make you look flawless for your Sunday funday, and ruffles give the denim that extra girly push it might need. Still think the bottoms aren’t for you? Take a look at some of our favorite denim culotte inspo and create your #ootd.