Culotte Shorts Are About To Be Huge So Get On Board Today

Culotte shorts are about to take over our favorite stores. Designers saw how much we all loved culotte pants, and totally took it to a new level, by helping us out with temp control. And let us tell you, us sweaty and hot girls couldn’t be more happy.

So, WTF are culotte shorts? They’re culotte pants, except they stop above the knee and look hella cute with all different kinds of tops and get ups. We tried to deny the look as long as we could from our closet, but we’ll be the first to admit, their flirty look is growing on us. Culotte shorts are just like coffee – they definitely are an acquired taste. However, after one try, you’ll start asking yourself why you can’t stop!

The best part is the are good for every body type. If you’ have legs for days, go for a pair that hits right above the knee. If you’re on the shorter side, we love a version that hits more on your thighs. Dress with with a crop top if you’re hitting downtown or a fancier brunch. If you’re going for an urban look to chill with during the day, we love pairing with a jersey. If it’s to work, we are obsessed with pairing it with a blouse or blazer.  A simple tank, bodysuit, or off the shoulder top also looks just as haute. We’re telling you, tops are endless when it comes to pairing them with the shorts. Furthermore, when it comes to shoes, you also have loads of options. Culotte shorts look amaze with sneakers as well as you favorite high heels.

You can easily design your own personal style around the shorts, because they come in all fabrics and patterns. Pick a solid or denim to go simple, or go for a more daring patterned look.

Still think the bottoms aren’t for you? Take a look at some of our favorite culotte shorts inspo and create your #ootd.