A Dad Gave His Daughter This Beauty Product & We Can’t Stop Laughing

He’s not like the regular dads – he’s a cool dad!

Remember the days when our fathers wouldn’t let us out of the house wearing or looking like that, so we’d head to a friends or change in the bathroom? We know you all meant well. Reddit user _gina_marie_‘s old man definately meant well – but failed in the most adorable way.

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He appreciates his daughter’s skill in the makeup department, and wanted to support her passion by doing something great. He purchased her a product that every girl needs in their arsenal – a makeup sponge … or so we thought.

Dad got me a makeup sponge

Hey, we have to applaud him for trying. The photo is now going viral, but we’re not even sure if Gina’s dad has caught on yet. We can’t wait to see his next gift to his daughter.