Damnnn! This Brand Is Growing Faster Than Any Other Fashion Brand Right Now!

While Gucci was the top-selling and most for searched brand of 2017, another brand is climbing its way to the top.

If you haven’t already guessed it, Balenciaga has officially been named the fastest growing street-wear label within the Kering group. What’s even more surprising is who is buying it. According to Balenciaga CEO, the purchases are mainly from millennials, who are now repping a third of the global lux markets – where we get the money we don’t know, but we’ll take a handbag over money in our account any day …

He also said Balenciaga has seen “more than 100 percent” growth in fashion of handbags, clothing and footwear.

“There’s not a dinner I go to where a father or someone [doesn’t] say, ‘Stop releasing these shoes, it’s out of control, we spend too much money at Balenciaga’, which I’m very happy with,” said Charbit at the conference.

Who is this father and where can we get one that buys us Balenciaga like that?

All jokes aside, with all the music attention the brand has also received , it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon. Brb, gotta go buy some more, lol.