Deep Breath: Find Out What Holiday Stress Is Doing To Your Skin

While the holidays are full of fun, they can also be extremely stressful. From purchasing gifts and end of the year reports at work, to indulging in festive food and hosting – it’s easy for anxiety to creep up on you. If you don’t take a step back and take care of yourself, stress shows up in your nails, skin, and hair. Find out how big of toll stress is taking on your beauty.

Dull & Dry Skin: Stress messes with your normal routine, including your beauty sleep. If you aren’t getting your normal hours of ZZZ’s, your body’s chemicals become unbalanced and leaves you with dry dull skin and eyes. Additionally, this can cause wrinkles. Try a relaxing face mask or some night time yoga.

Hair Loss: Hair follicles are deprived of oxygen and vitamins when you’re having stressful moments. If your scalp isn’t receiving the essential nutrients, it can become thin, weak and break off. Taking vitamins directed for your hair and nails and eating enough protein can help keep your locks strong through a hectic period.

Zits/Acne: Stress hormones are real, but that’s not the only thing causing havoc on your face. Picking, squeeze and even touching pimples may come natural with stress – but step back from the breakout! Doing this creates a bigger problem and an inflammatory response, causing even more stress. You’re also more likely to get acne because your body’s immunity is having issues fighting off dirt and bacteria, compared to the stress-free version of you. Use a wash or astringent with salicyclic acid during high stress times.

Rash: Stress gets rid of your skin’s protective shell and makes you more prone to irritants like rashes. Take deep breaths and avoid itchy and hot clothing during this time.

Bags Under Your Eyes: The only bags in your life you need are designer bags. Little sleep doesn’t allow your body to remove waste as it should, causing the excess liquid to pool under your eyes. Using Preperation-H will help the swelling go down as well as tea bags, cold spoons and eye masks.