Did Kylie Jenner Get Her Fillers Taken Out: WRUW Investigates

did kylie jenner get rid of her lip fillers

Did Kylie Jenner get her fillers taken out? For whatever reason, everyone is speaking about KJ since seeing a very laid back face of the reality tv star on IG. The discussion heated up with fans, debating and sharing their thoughts across social media. So, we thought WhatRUWearing would dive closer into the lips of Kylie (we got nothing else better to do … right?) and create a WRUW Investigation around it. Here’s what we found out.

Investigation Sources:

People Magazine NYU Langone Health plastic surgeon Dr. Nolan S. Karp, M.D. weigh in:  “They will eventually kind of wear off. She probably didn’t have her maintenance fills,” Karp says of Jenner’s lips, but also noted he can’t assume that was the case. Another way to take down the size of the lips after temporary fillers is to inject an enzyme to dissolve the hyaluronic acid. Karp says this is done on temporary fillers— not permanent ones. “Maybe you’ll get 70 percent, 85 percent resolution,” he says. “If you do temporary fillers too many times, it can scar your lip.”

Bravo TV  board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe from Rowe Plastic Surgery states that only hyaluronic acid-based fillers, such as the Juvéderm that Jenner used, are reversible. To remove hyaluronic acid-based fillers, dermatologists use an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which removes hyaluronic acid.

Bazaar has Dr Nick Milojevic, owner of Milo Clinic and one of the UK’s leading aesthetic doctors, explain: “Hyaluronic fillers can take six to 12 months to dissolve on their own, this is down to an enzyme in the body called Hyaluronidases which are a family of enzymes that catalyse the degradation of hyaluronic acid, the main filler ingredient used by many clinics.” He suspects Jenner skipped a few filler sessions, meaning her pout is down naturally as a result.

However, “if a patient wants a quicker way to remove their lip filler they can have Hyaluronidase injected directly into the lips, and they will go down within three – four days,” he notes.

Alright, so what can we conclude here? Hyaluronic acid is involved (maybe?). Which if you ask us, sounds just as scary as lip injections themselves. So, is Kylie telling the truth (since she totes lied first thing about getting them … ) about getting rid of all her fillers? It seems doctors are just as lost as the IG world. We asked our own crew to weigh in before reading what doctors had to say.

Did Kylie Jenner Get Her Fillers Taken Out: Team Investigation

Madison (Marketing Intern): It’s hard to tell tbh. She got her first fillers in, what, 2015?? That was three years ago! I don’t know about you, but my 20-year-old body is drastically different than my high school body, including my face, so who knows what her natural lips look like now. Her body, her choice, but if I had to pick a preference, I’d say natural Kylie is more my speed.

Kaitlyn (Executive Assitant): Let’s all take a little gander at the photos, clearly something has changed. I wouldn’t say she got her fillers 100% removed. But, clearly there’s something funky goin’ on as they are clearly not plump per usual. Maybe she wants to be a better role model for Stormi by showing her you don’t need to change your God given assets to appear beautiful, everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Psst, who are we kidding? Kylie’s been changing her body to fit the ‘attractive’ mold since she was twelve, there’s no stopping her now.

Mary (Fast Fashion Editor and Podcast Host): How crazy is it that this is breaking news (like, come on). Personally, let the girl live. Clearly she woke up not too long ago, looked in the mirror, and said “Damn, I need to chill.”  In recent videos, it looked like she had way too much fillers. The thing for me that sucks, is having juicy ass lips be an iconic look in 2018. But, you best believe it pisses me off seeing 12 year old girls looking like snacks. Meanwhile, I had fucked up bangs and rocked clothes from Kohl’s FOR DAYS.

Rashima (Social Media Manager and Editor): There’s nothing wrong with enhancing or changing something you’re insecure about. But, she def got a little extreme with it and it did NOT make her face age well at all. I am curious to see how she looks if she lets herself grow into her looks a little more ( before getting surgeries). More importantly, it’s going to be great to see the day that family stops treating people’s features like trends. 🙂

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Staci (Deputy Editor): Did Kylie Jenner take her lip injections out? No. Frigging. Way. In my opinion, she simply didn’t get as much filler in or maybe skipped a doctor appointment? Maybe didn’t line her lips? This is Kylie we are talking about. She had small lips to begin with. So, the fact they are still full makes me think these rumors are cray cray. Plus, I’ll never EVER trust a Kardashian or Jenner as far as I can throw their bootylicious selves. Check out the before and after photos – there’s no way there is zero filler in there. Maybe she is slowly reducing them? Only time will tell! But if she could pass any of the unused filler this way over here to me … be much appreciated.

Gaby (Advertising Sales Executive): This genuinely is annoying that it’s actual big news LOL! But if you have to ask … (ugh, Staci ..), her fillers were way TOO MUCH – and this is coming from a girl with REAL and luscious lips. Maybe she laid off a bit or whatever – either way, it looks MUCH better.

Farissa (Founder and CEO, Editor In Chief): Who gives a shit?!

Did Kylie Jenner get her fillers taken out? Our final word? No one at the end of the day ACTUALLY cares about Kylie’s lips. We hope she’s back to low key plastic surgery. Let that natural shit happen when you’re at such a young age.