DIY: We’re Obsessed With This Beauty Product–Here’s How To Make Your Own!

An organic, hydrating mist to keep that makeup poppin’? Yes please!

If you’re a serial makeup and skincare product hoarder like us, you probably have some form of a setting spray in your makeup bag. Setting spray can be used to top off your makeup or whenever your skin could use a little TLC without you having to bust out your whole skincare regimen, because busy AF. While there are products that contain organic chemicals, nothing is better  than a 100% natural concoction you can whip up in your kitchen. (Still love you, Mario Bedescu!)

Rosewater specifically is the skin hydrating  ingredient. Aside from being pretty to look at and it’s holistic powers, roses are anti-inflammatory,  and antibacterial–which is great because clogged pores are the devil. The water also has glycerin, which locks in moisture, so you won’t sweat as much–making it a perfect spring/summer must have!

Luckey, wellness blogger of LuckLifeMagic doesn’t fuck around with toxins and is always in the kitchen making her own products and food! Watch as she teaches us how to make our own rosewater that’ll have us glowing all summer, for way less than the price of other bougie, expensive skincare products we may not be able to afford: