How to Dress for a Festival Without Being Cliche

Whether it’s Coachella, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, or any other music festival, attendees aren’t only there to catch performances by the best artists in the world, but also to be seen. Summer fashion and music  festivals go hand in hand; Coachella, more-so than others has birthed its own aesthetic. Coachella is the place where we either see trends we love so much and want to copy, or ones that become so overly saturated that we cringe at the sight of it. While it is understandably common to want to stick with the boho themed dress code, it is very easy to end up looking like everyone else. Boring! There are ways to make your festival attire more unique and fashion forward. Here are a few tips to up your festival vibes this season!

  1. Do: head wraps, scarves and turbans. They make a great addition to a summer outfit, and are practical but not obnoxious. Don’t: Engage in cultural insensitivity. This includes Indian feathers, headpieces, head chains and the oh so played out flower crowns. While you and everyone around you is enjoying themselves, the last thing you want to do is be offensive.

2. Do: Opt for more casual and stylish denim playsuits and rompers. Yes, they can be a pain when you’re rushing to use the bathroom, but the plus is they give you a more polished look and it’s an already made outfit. Don’t: Pull out your favorite short shorts. We all have our favorite denim shorts, they’re essential! However, they can be saved for the beach in this case if you don’t want to look like half the female population at the concert.

3. Do: Retro logo tees; they’re on-trend and are perfect for festival 70’s themes and could be worn after. Don’t: Go for the typical crochet top or fringes. 

 via: @PandoraSykes / @ganni

4. Do: Gingham or other patterned tops. Look for pieces with frills, bows and sleeve detailing to give you a simple and polished summer look. Don’t: Let floral prints be the only thing you wear, instead mix prints and add your favorite pops of color.