These Are The Earrings Everyone Will Be Wearing This Summer

The choker is no longer the hottest accessory. There’s a new trend literally dangling in front of us for the season.While minimalism has been our go-to these past seasons, we hope you didn’t throw out your statement earrings, particulary the tassel style. Tassel earrings are the must-have accessory right now and come in all colors, from vibrant red and neutrals, to metallic and gold. Sure they might look like something you’ve seen hanging from your Grandma’s curtains, but we promise you won’t regret owning a pair. The fringe makes any fancy outfit more fun and easily becomes the focal point of your look.

Grab a pair that is all tassle or find one that elegantly dangles from an embellishment – whatever you choose, it’s a fool-proof style. The accessory goes with almost everything, but we suggest staying away from loungewear for obvious reasons. We love them most with an off the shoulder top or a simple mini dress. Looking for more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite tasseled looks below.