Emilia Clarke’s New Haircut Is Summer Beauty Goals

Emilia Clarke’s new haircut is proving that short looks are staying around for the summer! But, Emilia wasn’t planning on cutting it all off.

The Game Of Thrones star said she was forced to chop it. “In other news this FABULOUS new bob is the chicest way to style out some burnt out mother of dragons split ends #everypunintended#whenyourendslooklikeawildlingsitstimetochop,” she stated on IG.

Hey, you have to do what you gotta do for the love of GOT (or for the IG). We know we’d give up a few things just to be able to see the new season ASAP!

Us beauty gurus don’t know about you, but we’re pretty obsessed with Emilia Clarke’s new haircut. Many beauty trends began because of GOT stars, including Khaleesi’s grey hair color. Emilia isn’t new to beauty change. When she filmed the movie Solo, she sported bangs with a bob. For the role, she had to bleach her hair to become the “Mother of dragons,” instead of using her usual wig.

Another celeb whose vibes we can’t get enough of? Dua Lip. The singer started her new look back in April and showed it off on her social media with the caption, “Snip, snip.” It totally changed her look and gave her a much more bad a$$ style and feel.

Summer is the best time to get rid of dry locks and mix it up a bit with a fresh cut. The blunt ‘do features a straight edge and short style that ends right at the chin. Say peace out to layers, because your five year-old cut is back with a dope upgrade.

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WRUW rounded some inspirational photos of this trend. Will you take the chopping block and plunge into Emilia’s look?