Even Kehlani Loves The Color That Is Trending Like Crazy

We love a good little black dress – but a new and chill color is turning making us cheat on our love for neutrals.

if you don’t know it by now, yellow is one of the hottest hues right now, spotted everywhere you go and shop. When we say yellow, we don’t mean just a little splash of lemonade. Celebrities everywhere are getting caught by the paparazzi wearing the color, and influencers are already proving that it makes for one amazing Instagram photo.

The trend is the perfect way to kick up our low-key and boring color wardrobe, and you’ll probably get tons of compliments wearing it. But how do we wear it without looking like a gigantic banana (no, but really)? Take style cues from one of our favs who seems to love the color just as much as us – Kehlani. This girl knows how to throw down the hue and look sick AF. Don’t believe us? Check it out.