Everyone Is Freaking Out About This Meme & So Are We

Sometimes, somone says something, and it changes EVERYTHING ???

That’s exactly what happened with this latest meme. It features the iconic L’oreal Kids bottle we all grew up  with (seriously, how lit were those shampoos), and states:

“One time when I was younger, I had some of that no tears shampoo and I wanted to see if it was legit so when I was in the shower, I squirted it into my eye and I think I went blind for like three days.”

But here’s when things got weird. People started replying that “no tears” meant no tears, as in you will have tangle free locks – um, but what?! A closer look at the bottle reveals, “No Tears! No Knots! No Split Ends!” Meaning, we could have all ended up blind for three days testing the product out.

But then …

We found this video.

Which claims “tear-free for your eyes.” While it definately wasn’t meant to squirt in your eyes, it does appear tears means for your eyes, and not for the knots in your hair. According to Allure, experts found ingredients in L’Oreal Kids Shampoo, the same as other non-stinging formulas: PEG-200 hydrogenated glyceryl palmate, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, and PEG-30 glyceryl cocoate.

They then added,  “products that are formulated to be gentle to the eyes tend to also be gentle and non-irritating to the hair and scalp as well.” Which leaves us right back to where we started.

The debate is still going on, but we’re set that our 6 year-old selves were right over a social media meme comment.