Everything You Need To Know About the Revival of Ponchos

When I first noticed that ponchos are one of the hottest fall trends of 2015, I immediately thought back to the fringed, bubblegum pink poncho I wore in the third grade when the accessory had its first revival. However, this season’s pieces have proved that ponchos are back and better than ever. They ditched the fringe, for the most part, and crocheted patterns, and became more of an oversize blanket. These adjustments have resulted in poncho wearers appearing 10x chicer, as well as actually being able to wear the ponchos for warmth, as opposed to the 2005 versions that contained mostly holes.

As if the runway looks weren’t enough to make me want to buy every poncho in sight, celebrities have been rocking ponchos this season like nobody’s business, which has resulted in my overall obsession being developed. Therefore, who better to compile a list of some of the best poncho looks? These looks will provide you with not only outfit inspiration, but also will also be a good starting point for your holiday wish lists.

Look #1: The Blanket Poncho

My girl Sarah Jessica Parker is seen here rocking arguably the most popular poncho of the season, the monogrammed Burberry poncho. I mean, really, would you expect anything less from SJP? She looks absolutely fabulous pairing the plaid poncho with a black and white striped shirt underneath. What I love about the blanket poncho is that it is merely an accessory, not the entire outfit. It is great to be wrapped up in when in chillier temperatures, but also very easy to remove once indoors or in a warmer atmosphere. I mean, how uncomfortable would it be to be wrapped up in a massive blanket while in a 70-degree classroom? This style is perfect for the girl who is always on the go and in ever-changing atmospheres.

Rock this trend: Madewell Blanket Cape

Look 2: The Pullover Poncho

The pullover poncho is a great trend to embrace when you know you’ll be wearing it for the entire duration of wherever you’re going. Believe me, nothing is worse than attempting to take off a pullover piece of clothing in public and accidentally getting all tangled up in it. The pullover is so great because, as seen on Rihanna, it is very free flowing and fabulous. The absence of armholes makes it extremely unique from anything else you will own, which is what I love most about it.

Rock this trend: Eileen Fisher Cashmere Poncho

Look #3: The Fashion Statement Poncho

Although the previous two looks are definitely fashion statements as well, they are also used as methods of staying warm. However, this type of poncho is purely for style, note the fringe and lightweight fabric. This is a similar case to the previous look, where you should plan on keeping the poncho on, as opposed to utilizing it as a form of outerwear. I mean, could you imagine Alessandra Ambrosio getting tangled up in that fringe while out to lunch in LA? Yeah, not a good idea. I’m a huge fan of this particular trend because it is definitely a statement. I cannot think of one item in my closet that is even remotely similar to it, which is what I consider a worthy purchase.

Rock this trend: Urban Outfitters Fringed Poncho

Written by: Bethany Stokoski