A Fashion Editor’s Letter To 2016

Hi 2016,

It’s time we sit down and have a talk. We definately had our ups and downs. Where do I begin?

For one, it was the year of chaos when it came to New York Fashion Week. Kanye West’s models were passing out left and right, making the show a bigger hot mess than me out on a Saturday night in Louboutins. Don’t even get me started on how designers dropped out last minute or changed their structure. Luckily, Paris Fashion Week came off without a fluke – or things could’ve gotten really embarassing, 2k16.

And speaking of Kanye West – Kim Kardashian’s ring getting stolen in the capital of fashion?! REALLY?! How will I tell my future husband that having a rock that big is totally acceptable? Plus, you totally gave Paris a bad rep. Shame on you.

When it came to beauty we still have on question you have yet to answer. Who the f is Becky with the good hair? What kind of products does Becky use? Does she prefer her hair straight or curly? I need answers and we can only hope that 2017 is a better friend to me and tells me everything about B.

I’m still kind of mad you tried to bring back the one shoulder – it’s never going to happen accept for ugly bridesmaids dresses. However, you made up for it by making sure the choker was one of the hottest trends of the year, bringing me back to my glory days of tying a ribbon around my neck and calling it “fashionable.” For that, I thank you!

While I can point out all the things you did wrong, I should probably mention some of our better days. Having Jaden Smith star in a fashion campaign wearing women’s clothes and opening up the world to Cover Boy broke down gender berriers, putting a smile on my face.

As far as the election, I could get started on pussy bows and suits, but there are far more important things, so I’ll let this one slide.

NYFW had its major issues, but the introduction of purchasing from major designers immediately after the show and not having to wait until next season was up my alley. Oh, and putting Lady Gaga as a model – brilliant – I honestly didn’t know you had it in you.

I leave you with that 2016. I think we put good effort into our relationship, but I think 2017 is just much more my type. Thank you for all the good times and lessons learned – 2017 – I’m ready for ya.


A Fashion Editor