Fashion Editors’ Letter To 2017

Hi 2017,

It’s time we sit down and have a talk. We definitely had our ups and downs. Where do I begin?

For one, let’s just get one of the main issues over with. Why did you make us sit through all those Kardashian Christmas posts only to NOT reveal Kylie Jenner nor her pregnancy. Seriously, it was an embarrassing move, and we’re sure 2018 will have no problem showing us a preggo Kylie.

You did finally reveal Khloe’s baby bump – so we can appreciate that. On a more important note – what the heck was in the water in  Calabasas? But let’s forget the Kardashians and focus on the Queen B. 2017 welcomed not one, but two Carters to the world, some how making Beyonce even hotter (we didn’t know that was possible), and her Instagram fleek AF.

And speaking of  love, we are thrilled that you gave us something to obsess over – Meghan Markle and her royal wedding. It’s the distraction we needed in order to avoid texting our sucky ex and you’ll be able to find us constantly Googling and admiring every litte detail up until the nuptials.

But back to fashion – you seemed to take up a step in diversity, but it has a long way to go. From Missguided showing off completely real girls with untouched photos, to the runway showing us more girls we can relate to, we can only hope 2018 takes this a full step further.

We’ll hug you for Milan Fashion Week, as you brought out some of our favorite 90s supermodels with Donatella Versace, and Saint Laurent’s Paris runway couldn’t have been more perfect (in case you were out, it was just a casual catwalk right in the front of the Eiffel Tower).

You didn’t allow the red carpet to let us down. Can we please talk about Rita Ora in our fav ensemble – a robe and towel, as well as Rihanna’s MET Gala dress … or … whatever that thing was. Who knew that Riri could get even more boujee, but somehow 2017, you allowed her to.

You made Supreme even more Supreme by teaming up with Louis Vuitton, and designers had no problem voicing their political views and voices by incorporating it into their designs or runway show. When it came to beauty we feel blessed to have Fenty and Tom Ford’s “Fucking Fabulous” perfume, as it was just what we needed as Kylie Jenner placed new labels over old ones for her lip kits.

While I can point out all the things you did wrong, I should probably mention some more of our better days. Lady Gaga Superbowl – I didn’t know you had it in you. Cardi B becoming the first female to have a single – hell yes.

We’re  still kind of mad you tried to bring back the flatform sandal – however, you made up for it by making the 90s looks come back and be acceptable – for that, we thank you! Plus, you totally made it acceptable to wear sweats and pajamas in public, making you our hero.

We leave you with that 2017. I think we put good effort into our relationship, but I think 2018 is just much more my type – plus we’re really over trying to figure out just what you made Taylor Swift do …  Thank you for all the good times and lessons learned – 2018 – we’re ready for ya.












Fashion Editors