Fashion Law Attorneys Will Never Go Out of Style

For me, fashion has always been a form of expression; a part of me that helps reveal my personality to the rest of the world. Starting law school I found this form of expression inhibited not only by the strict dress code required at mock court competitions but also by my own preconceived notions of how an attorney should look. Soon however, I realized that my love of fashion could be completely intertwined with my law degree and future career, not only limited to my personal wardrobe. From trademarks and copyrights, to international trade and model contracts, fashion law is a new specialization bringing legal support to all of the many facets of the design, textile, and retail industries. I have found my niche in the legal field, and as the Vice President of the Fashion Law Society at my school it is exciting to see this area of law starting to gain recognition and I am thrilled that I will have the opportunity to be in the midst of its growth. After all, being a fashion savvy attorney will never go out of style.

Written by: Andrea Valle