This Fashion’s On Fire: Flames Are The Hottest Trend Right Now

The trend initially seen on Thrasher clothing has officially gone viral. What used to be seen at Hot Topic back in the day and skate parks, has made one major return. The firehas caught on to  other brands including ASOS, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and so much more.

Seriously, this trend is everywhere. We are talking dresses, hats, joggers, jean shorts – even chokers! The popular style is perfect when you want a casual look with some edge, and because it’s dominating the fashion world,  it’s easy to find the piece for you. Not ready to jump in the fire? Start with an accessory with the design to create a more subtle statement. We gathered a bunch of hot looks you can shop right now so you can fuel your own fashion flames.

ASOS Bodycon Dress In Flame Print, $38


Forever 21 Repurposed Flame Bucket Bag, $68.50