Buh Bye! Here Are The Fastest Ways To Hide Your Cellulite

If you have cellulite – you are NOT alone. Even the hottest celebs like Jessica Alba have admitted to a few bumps It’s normal and extremely common to have cellulite, so stop panicking, and start embracing your beautiful body! We also know that is easier said than done. If you are looking for a small confidence boost, we rounded up a few quick ways to help hide your cellulite.

Self tanner

It’s quick, easy and does WONDERS at hiding imperfections. You will look like a sun kissed goddess and your legs will look better than ever.  This self tanner by L’Oreal is one of our favorites because of its price tag – and the fact that it lasts for two weeks!

Dry brush

Circulation and blood flow in the area can reduce the appearance of dimples. By rubbing a dry brush on your legs and bum, up towards your heart, you can temporarily conceal cellulite – no scientific evidence has been proved this to be a cure – but many swear by it!

Drink loads of water

A dehydrated body causes more marks to show up. Cells and blood streams use water to function – if your circulatory system isn’t hydrated enough, it has trouble removing toxins and dissolving fat cells – so drink up!

Coffee scrub 

Mix coconut oil and ground coffee beans to make the ultimate cellulite fighting scrub. Dimples hate caffeine, which can help tighten and smooth skin. Massage the scrub on the affected area each day in order to improve blood flow. We can promise you’ll instantly see improvement.