February Style Tips

We are in that time of year when it’s still cold and you have to wear winter clothes, but spring is right around the corner so you just want to start busting out your summer wardrobe. We are also in the stage where olive is the new neutral and bold is the new black! Here are my five favorite things to wear this February:

: Olive has become such an important color in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s the new neutral because you can wear it with everything. My favorite look is to match an olive light weight jacket with leather jeggings and nude heels or booties. This is a perfect look for February because it’s not too wintery so you can ease your way into spring.

Sneakers: Sneakers are not only a running shoe, but are now considered a fashion statement. I call this look sporty chic. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid do a great job of making this outfit look good. You match jogger pants or leggings, with a leather jacket and sneakers. You could also wear ripped jeans with a grey sweatshirt and sneakers. This look is perfect for the type of weather we are having because you don’t have to wear a big winter coat, but you still stay warm.

Bold Outerwear: Bold is the new black from the trends that I see. This season, people have been trying to make their winter outfits not look like a drab. Wearing a bright yellow pea coat is perfect for February’s weather. It also gets us more excited for spring because of the bright colors.

Bell Sleeves: Bell sleeved dresses are the “it” dress for this month. They are perfect for this month because every girl loves to dress up and the bell sleeves help you stay warm. Wear a bell sleeved dress and add knee high boots to accessorize and you have the perfect February outfit.

Crossbody Bags: Goodbye heavy oversized handbags and hello crossbodies. Crossbodies are perfect for February because they can be petite or a little bigger. Carry your only necessities and make your look simple with a crossbody. Crossbodies are an extra accessory that doesn’t make your outfit look over accessorized.    

Written by: Amberly Smith