Forever 21 to Launch Store Credit Card and Loyalty Program

Fast fashion lovers, rejoice! While this announcement is unrelated to our podcast, we guarantee it’s just as exciting as last week’s episode, featuring Vinova Deniz, curator behind “See You at Brunch”. Forever 21, OG fast fashion retailer, has joined forces with Alliance Data Systems to launch its ownl s in-store loyalty and credit rewards program. That’s right, if you shop at or frequent Forever 21, you will soon be able, and we imagine, encouraged, to open a brand new line of credit with everyone’s favorite “I need something cute, quick, fast and in a hurry like” retailer. 

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the credit program was created, in part, to help Forever 21 build a loyal customer following while collecting data that allows it to learn more about its customers. As told to WWD, by Forever 21 president Alex Ok, “As we continue the rapid pace of our growth, we’re confident this new credit and loyalty program will be a key driver of incremental and top-line sales, as well as further strengthening the relationship with our customers.” 

Although there’s no official roll out date, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one and keeping those who sign up for the program, in our thoughts.