Four Pants To Wear To Work When It’s Hot AF

Temps are rising, which means a few things – our commutes to work will be sweatier than ever, and unfortunately, our offices will be freezing. While our favorite skirts and dresses keep us cool on our way to work, we shiver all day during business. How do you compromise your wardrobe between the two bipolar temperatures? Luckily, this season has upgraded our basic work pants, creating them more chic than ever and making them our hero for the summer.

No longer are designers making thick, heavy, form-fitting and basic pants. Now, they have all the offering you can dream. From frills and ruffles, to light material and pretty prints, work clothes have never made you feel so sexy. We rounded up our favorite summer 9-5 pants that’ll keep you cool and collective during the humid days, and carry just the right amount of coverage to keep you from getting goosebumps at your desk. They’re so great, we doubt you’ll only want to wear them at work. Check them out below.

Elastic Waist

The last thing you want is to feel sticky and sweaty. Elastic waists give you that little breathing room you need. Whether cigarette pants, flare trousers or culottes, an elastic waist can make all the difference in humidity.

Elastic Waist Vertical Striped Wide Leg Pants, $20


Sometimes we just need a little breeze … These pants are anything but tight, and still give off a sophisticated appeal. They come in all different materials and styles, meaning there’s one for everyone.

Striped Wide Leg Pantsj, $13

Ruffled Hem

Not only will these pants be comfy when it’s hot AF, but they also are way more playful than your everyday work pants.

Assymetric Ruffle Hem Pants,  $17

Cropped flare

When summer’s temps are high, the shorter the pants, the more airy and better! Cropped flares can do the trick to get you going from street to sleek, without feeling uncomfortable.

Orange Kick Flare Cropped Pants, $43