Four Totally Adorbs Ways To Dress Your Baby Bump This Winter

There must be something in the air, because it seems everywhere we turn, someone is preggers. From the Kardashian (s) to Princess Kate, there’s a whole lot of baby bumps. If you yourself caught the baby fever, first of congrats! We also know it can be hard to find something other than oversized sweaters to dress in once the temperatures drop – it’s depressing enough to have to bundle up as it is, the last thing you want is to feel like a snowman.  We rounded up four ways to dress up your adorable belly so you’ll never get bored of your bumpin’ winter style.

Flowy Long Sleeved Blouse
A baby bump is the perfect time to wear a flowy top! It’s fun and elegant and is a step away from the basic b*tch winter every day wear. Find one that is solid colors or go for something more daring with a pattern.

A Puffer Vest

Layers are a life saver when it comes to wearing maternity. Spice up your fav sweater or long sleeve tee by layering a vest over them.

A Favorite Skirt
If it’s not your sweaters your sick of, but your maternity pants, switch it up!  Wear a short style if you are lucky enough to be comfortable in tights or sport a long maxi dress. It’s just as comfortable as it is cute.

As we mentioned before, layers are your bff when it comes to winter. A cozy and thick flannel pairs flawlessly over a tee or sweater. Take a pic wearing it whie you’re pregnant, and once the baby is born, wrap him or her in the flannel and snap anther picture  for an IG-worthy keepsake photo.