We Ordered The Free Folsom & Co Bikini And Here’s What Happened

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is … or is it? You know those ads that having been flashing through during your scrolling on the IG that offer free swimsuits, including the free Folsom & Co bikini? Yeah, it catches our eyes, too. And guess what, we put in an order for not one, but two (because we might as well risk it like people risked their lives at Fyre Festival).

The swimsuits are super simple, but still dope AF. We made a promise not to Google the company so we could try it and give everyone out there the feedback. After all, remember those red bikinis a year ago? Sunny Co Clothing promised that if you reposted their “Pamela” swimsuit on IG within a day, they’d ship you one free. Obvs that caused some viral chaos – note to all PR Girls!

346,000 shares and tags overwhelmed the social media platform, making the brand delete the promo, causing even more WTF’s. People were also charged the full $64.99 price instead of the promo cost.

After so many complaints, Sunny Co’s co-founder released a statement. “My main priority right now is to fulfill all of the orders we have received.”

Anyone who paid full price would get a refund. Believe it or not, the suits reached some customers, and according to their social media, it was well worth the wait … and risk of scam.

But back to the free Folsom & Co bikini! There was a catch, shipping has a price tag, but sure, why not!? Once we ordered, we received a confirmation, and four days later we got a shipping confirmation email. Wait, could the free Folsom & Co bikini be legit?

Well, it was sent out of China on May 16, and delivered on the 23. If you ask us, it seems a little speedy on a free bikini. Also, none of the tracking told specifics and it was sketchy AF. On top of it all, the place it was supposed to deliver to, has a package room 24/7, meaning it’s not possible for it to get lost.

In order to keep it as organic as possible, we first reached out to the company. We immediately got an email back claiming it would take time due to high responses – it looks like we weren’t alone!

When we researched into Google, we found it only had 1 1/2 stars out of five. It also had reviews, similar to our own experience.


Unfortunately, we have no update for you besides no bikini, no response. We most likely are part of a scam. But hey, you never know – we’ll be sure to keep you posted with updates!


UPDATE: WE RECEIVED THE BIKINIS! Unfortunately, we received a pink one and a white one – which as you can see, was far from our order. We also received size L, so we’re assuming we got someone else’s order or the company simply did not GAF. Overall the suits are cheap, but they are cute. So if you’re willing to wait forever on a cheap suit that might be the wrong color and size, by all means, go for it! But, don’t say we didn’t warn you!