Should I Get My Friends With Benefits A Christmas Gift?

friends with benefits a christmas gift

Some of you asked WhatRUWearing, “Should I get my friends with benefits a Christmas gift?” Call it a friends with benefits, a f*ckboy – regardless of what the name is – it’s clearly not your bae. TBH, if you’re considering getting your friends with benefits a Christmas gift, you probably have feelings. There is our gift to you – realization. So what do you do when it comes to gifting someone in your life whose status is as awkward as Aunt Sally asking you why you’re single? Here’s our gift guide to someone who is NOT your boo.

1. A Phone Tracker
Why a phone tracker? For all the times that they told you they “lost their phone,” so they were unable to text you or call you back.


2. The Notebook
If you’re looking to end things with them, wrap up the Notebook. Trust us, they’ll be so freaked out, you will most likely never hear from them ever again. If you do, then maybe they’re not as f*ckboy as you thought (or just really into Ryan Gosling).

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3. Cheap Booze
Most likely, he’s already boozed up when he or she is meeting you. This time give them the booze, and make them open it right then and there “for the occasion,” and pour a glass for you. Ultimately, you’ll be buying the alcohol for yourself so it’s a win-win situation.


4. A Sweater That Looks Good On You
How many more times will you go home in your walk of shame clothes? Never again after this holiday. Buy your FWB a sweater that looks just as good on you as it does on them. This time around when you wake up and need to immediately bolt to escape their annoyance, you can throw it on and go meet your friends from brunch.


5. A Netflix Membership
Uh, yeah you keep going over to Netflix and chill – but it’s on your family’s account. Get him or her a membership (or better yet a 30-day trial), so you have control over the account. When things fizzle out, you can still use it, and see all the awkward stuff they continue to watch without you …

6. A Phone Charger
You know, all the times they demand a sexy Snapchat … and then when you ask for yours, magically, their phone dies or is “about to and has low battery charge.” We suggest a portable one, but either will do!

And there you have it. Should you get your friends with benefits a Christmas gift? Yes, but be sure it’s just as witty and clever as above.