From Dash Doll to Jewelry Designer: Meet Durrani Popal

You’ve caught a glimpse of her on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons and more recently, have seen her star on E!’s new hit show Dash Dolls, but style maven and Middle Eastern beauty, Durrani Popal is doing much more than racking up TV show ratings. Durrani, who Kim Kardashian referred to as, “the epitome of a Dash Doll,” due to her hair, lashes and makeup techniques that we’re dying to learn, has utilized her platform, skill set, and overall drive to both embody the Dash Doll lifestyle and become a successful entrepreneur. Utilizing her passion and desire to capitalize the fashion industry, the San Francisco native and FIDM gradaute created Jewels by Durrani and already, the line has seen a wave of success!

We were lucky enough to snag a few moments with Durrani when she wasn’t on set, conducting work meetings, at a photoshoot, or with her adorable poodle, Laurent. Check out what she had to say below!

•When you were studying fashion merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, did you enroll knowing you wanted to start a jewelry line or were you interested in something else?

I always had it in the back of my head that I wanted to start a jewelry and clothing line, it just so happened the opportunity for jewelry came first.  

•What attracted you to Dash and what has your journey within the boutique looked like?

I knew working for Dash, having the Kardashians as my bosses, would be the best influence on my career. They worked really hard to get where they are today and I can see a lot of myself in them.Throughout the years, I have learned so much and I now can apply all of that to my own business.

•What does your day-to-day schedule look like?

Every day is different. Some days I work at dash, some days I have photoshoots and others are work meetings for my jewelry and clothing lines. I’m also working on other collaborations so I keep myself pretty busy.

•Your jewelry line is amazing, what made you want to get started in the industry?

Thank you! It was always a dream to start my own line, just wasn’t the right timing. Now, with the show and enough experience behind me, I felt like it was the perfect timing to get things started.

•What was the inspiration behind your pieces?

Coming from a Middle Eastern background, I take a lot of those influences and twist it into my own. For instance, my favorite pieces right now are layering my Arabic Name Necklace with my CZ Hamsa Eye Necklace.  It’s my go-to almost every day thus far. I’m obsessed with dainty gold and rose gold pieces so I only offer those two colors and styles in my line.

•What type of girl do you think should completely indulge and buy all your jewelry?

*Laughter* Any and all girls who love to wear jewelry! My pieces are all made from great quality and a lot can be personalized to reflect themselves.

•When you’re not working at Dash or focusing on your jewelry line, what are you doing?

Besides Dash, Jewels By Durrani, press, or photoshoots, I love just relaxing with my dog, Laurent, boyfriend Shalom or getting a manicure. There’s no feeling like a fresh coat of paint *Laughter*

•Any advice you may have for girls who want to start their own jewelry or clothing line?

Be patient, persistent and don’t get discouraged. It will certainly not happen overnight, but perseverance will trump all. 

•Anything we can look forward to seeing you do in the future?

The next business venture I would love to start is my own beauty line!