Colored Fur Jackets: Here’s All The Reasons Why You Have To Do It

You scroll through it on Instagram and you see it on your fav celebs and in stores, but you still can’t budge on the colored fur jackets. Hey, you don’t have to explain, the trend is more questionable than none – but it can also make you majorly dope, and not one you want to miss out on.

It’s great for tons of occasions from date night, a night out with your girls, or something to throw on with your fav leisure-wear to make it that much less basic bi*ch. Plus, you don’t have to spend much on the trend, because it’s available at affordable shops like Forever21, Shein or Zara. If you’re on the fence, we’re a little bias but – just do it. We promise you’ll find the perfect jacket to throw on for those cold and cozy brunch days. We rounded up reasons why you should dish out the dough for the coat that you cannot get your mind off of.

It looks amazing with jeans.
Dress as casual as you want – then throw on the jacket to go from boring to instagram-worthy glam. The pop of color adds that something to your favorite pair of baby blue jeans.
You look like a bad a** when wearing it with high heel or booties.
There’s not much more to say – it just makes you look that much better.

It hides a hangover.
Seriously, no one will see your dark circles, messy hair or ask you what you did last night. All they’ll notice is your amazing coat and ask where they can get one.

It’s the perfect layering piece.
The city can have some cold winters and layering is a must. Whether you layer with a hoodie, sweater or high neck knit, it’s the perfect topper when it’s freezing out.

It will make your all black outfit even more lit.
Black is our favorite color – so much to the point it’s all we wear. Adding colored fur jackets to your closet adds some shock value, but still make you comfortable in the hue.

You’ll wear it with leggings and sneaks and still look high fashion.
From joggers to leggings you won’t lack being a style queen even when you dress down while wearing the fuzz.

You can match it with stripes.
Because sometimes those stripe tops need a little extra – and this is as extra as it gets.

It looks sexy AF with a skirt or dress.
Colored fur jackets just enough to make them wonder, but leaves plenty to show off at the same time – all while adding that boujee vibe at the same time.