Gap Reveals The Coolest 90s Campaign With A Twist

The cast of ‘Generation Gap’. Photo: Courtesy of Gap

We aren’t the only ones who can’t get enough of the 90s. Brands across the world have brought back high waisted jeans, simple tees, chokers and more from the decade. One label that’s taking it up another notch to honor the era? The Gap.

Remember the day of Gap hoodies, jelly shoes, and printed floral ensembles? It was was a 90’s go-to. The brand released a new “Generation Gap” campaign, which shows off former models’ kids.

 “When I could go and pick out my first outfit myself, I chose to go to Gap,” Lizzy Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger) told Fashionista. “I got myself a whole floral outfit with a white cotton twinset. If I still had it, I would wear it [today].”

Other stars include Rumer Wilis, Evan Ross, DJ TJ Mizell, Chelsea Tyler and Coco Gordon, whose parents all were the faces of the company when they were younger.

“The energy was great on set,” added Jagger. “It was great to do it with a group of friends that I already knew.”

Their 90s Archive Re-Issue label features some of their best classic items like button-downs, sweatshirts, tanks, t-shirts, khaki shorts, logo sweatshirts, denim and shorts. You can shop it at all stores now.

Take a look at the campaign below.

Lizzy Jagger

Evan Ross

Chelsea Tyler

Rumer Willis

DJ TJ Mizell

Coco Gordon

Naomi Campbell