Shop The Gucci Loafer Look For Less

If you haven’t seen the ever-so-popular Gucci loafer yet, you’re living under a huge rock. From our favorite fashion bloggers to our style-inspo celebrities, it seems anyone who is an anybody is sporting the footwear. 

The shoes are a closet staple because they go with almost everything in your wardrobe. Wear them with a pair of denim jeans for a sophisticated casual outfit on a weekend, or don them with your favorite work trousers for a bad ass boss lady look. On top of it all, you can get different styles in different colors, meaning you can find one that truly matches your fashion personality.

While we would love to own a pair, the hefty price of $595 is putting us straight into sticker shock and has us adding up in our head just how many vanilla lattes and Uber rides we’d have to give up. We’ve come to the conclusion that we just can’t live without coffee that long, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a nearly identical pair for a fraction of the cost. We did the legwork to find identical versions of the kicks, so you can look good while sipping on that vanilla latte. Check them out below.

Gucci Jordaan Metallic Loafer, $670

ASOS MOVEMENT Leather Loafers, $53

Gucci Princetown’ Mule Loafer (Women), $595

Black Leather Look Metal Clasp Square Toe Flat Mules, $29.95

Princetown Velvet Slipper, $850

AnnaKastle Womens Fur-Lined Backless Loafers Slip-ons Slippers, $49.50