Gifts You Can Buy Now & Pay Later!

Holiday shopping can be a bit stressful, especially if you are trying to be smart about your savings. This can be true whether you’re a student, just started your career, or decided to spend all of your cash towards moving to Canada after the election craziness. We know that meeting the parents this Thanksgiving is scary enough, which is why when it comes to shopping for the holidays, we want to make it as easy as slipping into a pair of cashmere slippers. Keep reading to see our top three websites who offer a “buy now pay later structure,” and some holiday gifts for giving or keeping for yourself (we won’t tell).

While WhatRUWearing won’t be moving to Canada any time soon, we definitly appreciate the systems put in place like free healthcare and innovators such as Elon Musk, who popularized the global online payment system PayPal. PayPal offers PayPal credit, which means any website that accepts their form of payment gives you the automatic ablity to put it off over a six month period. 

Online stores are also offering their own versions of this structure that you can use to build up credit over time. For example, the British retailer Topshop offers a payment system called “ Klarna,” which if accepted, gives you a $1,200 credit limit and the ability to pay off your items over three months at zero interest. However, be careful to pay by the end of those three months since the interest rate goes up a bit after you hit the deadline. If you’re a student, it’s a great deal because not only do you get a discount on your overall purchase, but you are also able to pay it off over time. 

Dezzal is an online fashion site we recently fell in love with due to their collection of statement-making coats and must-have quirky handbag designer brands, such as MUYU, seen below. As long as your Paypal is in a positive balance and you have a good history of payments, you can spend up to your Paypal maximum and pay it off over a period of six months with no interest.

The UK site takes the win by being the largest online retailer of payment options.  The company allows you to pay off over a 12 month period at no interest when you buy anything over $200. For any electronic item, they give 10% back if you choose the “buy now pay later” option by December 28th. If our on-hand fortune teller’s vision and math is correct, this equals to a major likley hood of being able to get yourself that iPhone 7 or Apple watch you or your boo have been coveting. Not only do they have plenty of fashion forward dresses and accessories at affordable prices, but if your bae likes things more “exclusive,” you can go to their aptly named designer portol, which holds fashions from the latest in Kurt Geiger London as well as TomiXGigi.

Take a look at the 10 gifts we found to give your fashion-forward BFF, roommie, mom, dad or bae by buying now and paying later. Like our gift list or have any suggestions of your own? Let us know, and we may just feature your favorite lux item on our Insta!

From Left to Right

1.  Issa Foreo Toothbrush: $187.72

2. Beaded Star and Moon Drop Earrings$25.99

3. Burberry Mr. Burberry 3.3-ounce Eau de Toilette Spray:  $57.99

4. Star High Neck Mini Dress: $240.00

5. Apple Watch Series Gold Aluminium Case: 376.70

6. Muyu Metal Cartoon Printed Handbag$102.99

7. Christmas Narrow Satin Scarf: $43

8. Anton Heunis Pearl Cluster Ring: £60.00

9. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Wireless Bluetooth Speaker $502.68

9. MCQ Alexander Mcqeen Penburry Metallic Boots: $459.85

10. Graceful Velet Court Shoes: $100.00