Girls Trip! (Besides The Obvs) These Are The Places You Need To Visit In LA

If you’re ready to hit the west coast for a mini vacation, this one is for you.

Sometimes you just need to escape from the world, and trust us when we say escaping to Lala land is one of the best ways to forget whatever is going on and let loose. From the warm weather to the beautiful palm trees, it’s easy to chill the f*ck out in Cali. WRUW girls know the city of angels all too well, and after years of experience, know the best spots to hit – that aren’t all over Yelp. Grab your flight, because we rounded up some of our favorite must-go-to spots that you can’t miss. Check them out below.


If you watch Vanderpump and your dream is going to Sur – trust us – don’t. Pump is extremely forgotten and the food, atmosphere and people you see there are incredible. We have spotted anyone from Lady Gaga, to the cast – who by the way has NO problem taking photos and videos with you, so don’t be afraid to ask. Go there for brunch and where whatever outfit you please, or be extra and go at night in your hottest getup – either way be prepared for a night of amazing food, drinks and crowd.

Malibu Wines:

You know on almost every reality show like the Kardashians when they go to the winery with the safrai animals – well , this is it! This spot is outside of LA, but it is worth the Uber. It has the most amazing view and the wine is delicious – and super easy to get drunk off even one glass. You can pay extra money to see the land and take a safari to see the animals – but it is a little over priced. However, can you put a price on kissing a giraffe? Not really. Take some bottles home to keep on celebrating and don’t forget to check out the breathtaking sunset of Malibu.

Chateau Marmont:

If you’re looking for a hella good IG spot that also is classy, chic and where all the famous people go – check out Chateau Marmont. While it is expensive, the vibes are worth it and there’s a good chance you might run into your fav celeb like Ashley Benson or Kendall Jenner. Make reservations at the restaurant, or head to the bar.


Looking for the pink wall that EVERYONE and their mother IG’s? Looking for those famous angel wings on the wall? This is the spot. But – there are way cooler walls than the overdone Pepto Bismo background everyone feels they need. Walk up and down the streets to see cute boutiques, high fashion and cute cafes to eat at. It’s a must and is a Cali dream.


This one is a little more obvs, but it’s still something you must do at some point on your LA visit. Just make sure you go with someone who knows what they’re doing, or you may have a really tough workout you didn’t plan. Expect to sweat and get sweet pics with the Hollywood sign and view.  After? Head to a brunch spot and drown in mimosas – you worked out, you deserve it.