The Man Choker Is A Real … Here’s Who We Want To See Wear It

The choker was one of the hottest trends of 2016. But some guys felt totally left out, so ASOS shocked the world by breaking gender barriers and releasing the “man choker.” After all, how many times have you caught your boyfriend trying to borrow it for the night? 

The British brand showed off different styles and colors, so your dude has lots of options to choose from. Maybe he’s the pink velvet type, or perhaps he’d rather kick it up a notch and do a wrap around look, thanks to ASOS, the possiblities are endless.

Even Matt Lauer got in on the action, stating on the Today Show,  “chokers for men are a thing now too. Asos has a wide selection of male chokers, some in velvet and others in cotton.” However, he added, “they’re late to the game because, guys, I have been wearing a choker for years.”

Hey Matt, who needs a tie when you have your favorite choker? While we have no idea if this trend will actually catch on or not, there are some male figures we wouldn’t mind seeing wear the neck piece. Check out who we think should give the man choker a go-around.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum has pretty much been donning a choker for years. The actor’s Magic Mike costume entails a neck cuff and bow tie, which is basically the same thing, right? Plus, we think it’d be totes adorbs if he and his wife Jenna Dewan had a matching pair.

James Charles

James Charles is no stranger to the necklace. The Cover Boy already dons the choker flawlessy in different styles – and we want more, more, more! In fact, we dub him the King of the Man Choker.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth girlfriend is Miley Cyrus, so we feel like he wouldn’t object to a new style. Afterall, he’s never had a problem with Miley’s ensembles. Plus, we think he has the perfect neckline.

Johnny Depp

If Johnny Depp wore a choker, would anyone even notice? Probably not.  Any kind of choker goes with his sense of style and vibes, making him one of the most valuable man choker candidates.

Justin Timberlake

Talking about his suit and …. choker? Who knows, maybe Tom Ford will start making custom chokers for his biggest fans, including J.T. The choker would be the perfect accessory to bring back his hearthrob *NSYNC days.