Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber: 11 Times They Proved To Be Style Soulmates

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are hanging out again – and the entire world is confused. During an interview, Shawn Mendes even admitted that he has NO IDEA whether they’re dating or not. On June 19, Justin was spotted carrying Hailey with her legs wrapped around him smiling. And, did we mention she was spotted with a ring today on THAT ring. Okay, but really, what is going on?

While we definitely don’t think these two are soulmates, we do believe the duo are meant to be together when it comes to being style soulmates. Maybe it’s the bleach blonde hair they have going or how well they pull of atheleisure, but we have to admit they make a dope fashionable couple.
Whether they’re vacationing down south wearing swimwear, chowing down in NYC in trendy clothes, or grabbing a coffee in sweats – they sure know how to dress and coordinate.
And speaking of Justin, we still can’t get over what happened with his ex, Selena Gomez. Dolce & Gabanna designer Stefano Gabbana called Selena Gomez ugly … and it doesn’t stop there. Gabbana saw a post from The Catwalk Italia, which asked which Selena look was the best. Gabbana replied and commented with, “È proprio brutta!” which basically translates into “she’s really ugly!”

Sadly, that’s not where it ended. After a commenter said “she looks like a Pomeranian dog,” he commented back, “hahahahahaha is true hahahaha.”

Rude, much?!

But let’s get back to the couple that no one knows WTF is going on. We rounded up 11 times Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were caught as style soulmates, so you can decide whether or not they should be together -or not!