Hair Removal At Home & Clinical Methods: Because It’s Bikini Szn

The struggle is real with unwanted body hair. Seriously, shaving can be a little you-know-what. The good news is you can remove your unwanted body hair yourself or have it removed by experts in a clinic. That’s right – hair removal at home is a real thing, too! Deciding which of those two options is best and which specific technique works better for you can be the toughest question. We teamed up with the experts to find out all the popular forms of hair removal at home and clinical hair removal procedures so you can get the 4-1-1, and get rid of that hair ASAP!

The Most Popular At-Home Hair Removal Techniques

One of the most popular hair removal at home techniques is waxing. Although, you can also have waxing done in a clinical setting. Clinical waxing procedures are often faster (less pain – hell, yes) and provide more accurate hair removal. Waxing is helpful if you can’t easily reach the hair you want to remove on your own, such as if it is on your back. Um, if you’re preggers, you totally also get this! Sugaring is similar to waxing and can also be done at home. The processes are similar in that the material is applied when hot, then pulled off quickly, ripping out the hairs. Sugaring often provides results that last longer.

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Both sugaring and waxing can be time-consuming and painful procedures. If you are looking for hair removal at home techniques that are practically painless and faster, shaving obvs or using hair removal things like Nair are going to still be your best option. Esp if you’re broke AF. So why doesn’t shaving keep you hair free as long? Because shaving only removes part of each strand, leaving the rest just below the surface and ready to poke through again right away. The other processes actually pull many hairs out down to the roots. 

The Most Popular Clinical Hair Removal Option

One of the most popular forms of clinical hair removal is laser hair removal. In fact, a clinician who chooses to buy a hair-removal laser device for his or her clinic can rest assured it will bring in lots of customers. We can also guarantee all her friends call her begging to come over and use it every weekend! That is because having your unwanted body hair removed with a laser device combines the speed of shaving with the accuracy and longevity of waxing or sugaring. In fact, hairs removed with lasers stay away even longer than hairs removed by sugaring.

The reason lasers offer such long-lasting hair removal results is that the laser beams can target both the hair shafts and the roots, or follicles. By damaging each targeted hair in its entirety, repeated laser procedures can weaken the hairs and cause them to fall out. Regrowth must then begin from scratch. Laser procedures usually take less than an hour and cause minimal side effects. That also makes them popular choices for clinic visitors with busy schedules.

 Other Hair Removal Choices

Of course, lasers, shaving and sugaring or waxing are not the only hair removal options available to you. Another technique you can try is electrolysis. WTF is that? It is usually performed in clinical settings for the purpose of removing stray unwanted hairs. You cannot have an electrolysis treatment on a large patch of hair. When undergoing electrolysis, you should also understand that the procedure is typically more painful and uncomfortable than lasers and many other hair removal treatments. If “no pain, no gain” is your motto – this might be for you.

Other hair removal treatments that can be done in clinics or at home include the use of hand-held epilator devices or threading techniques. You can also opt to use a combination of two or more techniques to get rid of unwanted hair. For example, depilatory (hair removal) creams are often helpful for slowing down the regrowth process. However, they may not help you get rid of unwanted hair on their own. They typically work best in conjunction with other hair removal treatments.

And there you have it! What’s your favorite way to get rid of hair? Comment your fav technique below in our comment box!