This Is The Hairstyle & Color Everyone Will Have This Summer

Summer is the best time to get rid of those winter dry locks and mix it up a bit with a fresh cut. t2017 is calling for a whole new popular look, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Celebrities like Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, and Cara Delevinge have already jumped on the trend – which involves going platinum with a straight end, short hair cut. Say goodbye to layers, because your five year-old hair cut is back with a chic upgrade.

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The ‘do is also known as the “lob,” which means long bob. While going platinum takes some work and can be a slow transition, it’s definitely worth it (they do say blondes have more fun). We rounded some inspirational photos of this trend, so you can decide whether or not you’ll take the chopping block and plunge into platinum.