Halloween Costume Ideas for the Fashion Girl

2018 halloween costumes

Channel your alter ego, but make it fashion.

When it comes to Halloween, it could get a little hard to be creative as possible. Maybe the sexy *animal or insert occupation* costume done by a million girls every year isn’t exciting anymore. You want to be something–or someone fun, distinctive and possibly stylish. So how do you come up with a costume idea that’s unique and comfortable? We’re all inspired by someone;  and with so many iconic pop culture figures and modern day it-girls  we’re always introduced to new yet memorable trends. With a touch of your own style and personality, you’d have an impressive look!

We’ve compiled a list of  it-girl approved costume ideas to to help you  get ready for Halloween in style!


Vivian Ward – Pretty Woman


Clueless girls


Rihanna – CFDA Awards 2014

Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me

Sandy – Grease


Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City


Anna Winter / Grace Coddington

Gossip Girl

Selena Quintanilla

Gwen Stefani


Frida Kahlo