Harry Potter Back To School Style: Ravenclaw Edition

In the Harry Potter series, two characters stood out like no other representing the House of Ravenclaw. Those are Cho Chang, played by Katie Leung, and the wacky Luna Lovegood, played by Evanna Lynch. During our research, we found that Cho Chang was often reduced to nothing more than just being “Harry Potter’s love interest.” Um…Cho Chang was way cooler than that! Not only was she a seeker on her Quidditch team but she also one of the few brave Ravenclaw’s who joined Dumbledore’s army. Clearly, much more relevant outside of her boyfriend. However, I digress. This is our back to school Harry Potter style series, after all, and we’re here to bring you several items that a Ravenclaw witch or their identifying muggle might want in their wardrobe.

Students of the Ravenclaw House are known for their “wit, learning, and wisdom”, which is a nice way of saying they’re the ones you want to copy your notes off of. They most likely know all the organizational spells to a T and you probably won’t be seeing any wrinkles in their gowns either. When it comes to the Cho Chang’s of Ravenclaw think blazers, structured shirts, bags, and studious glasses. Luna Lovegood’s wacky sense of style is almost Marc by Marc Jacobsesque with her pink tweed and out there glasses. In the end both girls know how to work it and so do you!


Topshop Blue Boyfriend Blazer – $75 House color Representation and a very fall appropriate choice for your Ravenclaw back to school blazer

Cynthia Rowley Party Handbag – $90 For a Luna Lovegood approved bag, look no further than this funky peice

Cabochon Jewelry – $119 Some dangly earrings for when you feel like getting your flirt on in the library

Casetify A+ iPhone Case – $40 If you’re a Ravenclaw, you’re at the top of the class and have no problem letting everyone know it

BARDOT Ivory Tortoise Eyeglasses – $35 Studious and Fashionable, eyeglasses are a Ravenclaw go to for those serious study moments

Day-Timer Coastlines Folio Appointment Planner – $35 Get your time management down like a pro with this daytime planner

Dr. Brandt Skincare MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier – $75 If you’re looking for a magic spell to get Cho Chang’s amazing skin, look no further than Dr. Brandt Skincare.