Hawaiian Shirts Are Back In For 2018 We’re Glad AF They Are

Vacation dad shoes are totally in right now, so it’s no surprised that Hawaiian shirts are also topping fashion charts.

Aloha! That’s right – Hawaiian shirts are here and they’re about to be all over the runways and on celebrities. No, but really. Your dad is finally handing down some fashion pointers to you.

It doesn’t matter how you wear it. Tie it up in a knot and leave the buttons undone for a sexy look, pair it with your fav skirt, or throw together an oversized version and wear it with sneakers as a shirt dress. The possibilities are endless and you can’t go wrong. Our favorite part is you don’t need to drop big bucks on it. You most likely will find out at your nearest thrift shop, meaning it’s a style trend for us broke MFers.

Because the print is so bold, we recommend keeping the rest of your style on the simple side. It’s a statement piece and trust us, you’ll get loads of compliments flowing your way on basically how cool you are. If you head to the shops, don’t expect to find your average Tommy Bahama look. The latest and greatest versions are neon, trippy and logo dominated.If you think that the outfit is just too much for you, try tucking it into your favorite pair or skinnies for a clean and sophisticated style that will still make you look like a bad a$$ fashionista.

Hawaiian shirt just not for you? Well, get your troops together and on board for camouflage print instead, because this trend is everywhere. Jackets, joggers, jean shorts, cargos and more. The popular style is perfect when you want a casual look with some edge, and because it’s dominating the fashion world, it’s easy to find the perfect piece for you.