Here Is The App That Makes All Your Photos & Videos Super Sparkly

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram lately and seeing some super sparkly and glittery photos and videos and asked how the f*(K they did that, you’re not alone – and we are totally coming to your IG rescue.

The app is called KiraKira (seriously, download it ASAP), and it makes things glitter, shine and sparkle. Remember those YSL boot videos at PFW – while they were super shiny and glittery – people were using the app to make them extra AF, winning us all over. Celebs like Hailey Baldwin, Kim Kardashian and Rose Huntington have all jumped on the band wagon, making their photos even more dope than usual.

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All you have to do is aim the camera where you want to take a photo or film, and adjust the shine level to your liking. While we are pretty much obsessed with the app and cannot stop using it – it does have ONE fault. You cannot take a video or photo from your album, so it has to be brand spanking new – ugh so many glittery photos wasted.