Here Is The Exfoliator Our Editor Staci Won’t Shut Up About

Okay let me tell you: I am the first to (sadly) admit, I am the worst when it comes to taking care of my face. I have no problem sleeping in makeup and using soap and water to clean it. But I finally found a product that makes me want to get back into a healthy skincare routine.

The love all started when I was at a Benefit Brow party and I had to go wash my face before getting an eyelash tint. I reached for the face exfoliator, and it instantly made me come back to life. Not only did it easily remove all my makeup, but after using the smallest amount one time, my face instantly lip up and was smooth AFFFFF.

I’m not kidding, I have extremely smooth skin to begin with, so when I saw the instant results of what my skin could be, I wanted more. According to the description, the gentle cleanser clears pores, cleanses makeup and removes dead skin cells in just one smooth wash. Usually when I read these, I say BS – but that’s exactly what it did.

The creamy, non-drying formula contains jojoba beads that gently exfoliate your face and rinses away without any residue. It’s tough on dirt but gentle on skin. My skin never became dry from it, and never felt like I had gone too far, which is so common in exfoliators these days.

After several uses, my skin was the best it looked in awhile – and it was the only change I made in my routine. Oh yeah, did I mention the bottle is completely cute, which I know is nothing to care about – but it sure makes you a little more excited every time you see it. Leaves you with no redness or dryness – just beautiful, dirt-free and bright skin (ps – it’s EXTRA helpful when you need a little more TLC from a hangover … ).

Shop it, here for $22!