Here’s What 5 Women In Their 20’s Said About Getting Botox

These days, Botox is is being less and less taboo. Even young stars on our favorite TV shows (Yes, I’m talking about about you Vanderpump Rules) have admitted to injections. But when is Botox appropriate? Is it crazy to get it at such a young age? Is it actually a preventative? Should anyone at all be getting Botox?

According to an interview in Allure, Botox  works as a preventative. “People begin to realize youth is not forever, told New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman in the article. “Young skin responds more rapidly to collagen stimulation via lasers and needles,” added Miami-based dermatologist Joely Kaufman.

However, not all doctors agree with this. In an interview with Refinery29,  Maryam Zamani, MD, a consultant at London’s Cadogan Clinic, which specializes in ophthalmology said, “I don’t really believe in having preventative toxin treatments. A lot of people start in their 20s as a mechanism to ward off getting lines and wrinkles caused by movement. But in reality, a lot of people in their 20s don’t have any of those lines yet. It usually starts in your 30s.”

So what is it like to get Botox at such a young age? While we believe you should love yourself and believe you are beautiful for you, we also know it’s the real world and no matter what we think, people are going to be curious about it. Botox isn’t  a must, but if it’s something that’d make you feel better, great. If it’s not, then it’s not. We asked five millennials why they dared the needle and what they felt after.

“I had heard it was preventive. I have worked on computers since I was 17, so squinting and using my face muscles while staring at the screen all day is pretty common. I noticed my lines were a lot worse than my friends, and while they could care less, it simply bothered me. I talked to a dermatologist and they were honest with me. They gave me 20 units on something they called an “eyebrow lift.” While I could notice a major difference, my friends I don’t think have any clue -and I think that’s how it should be. Enough for you to notice, but no one else! I will continue getting it and I really don’t care what other people think.”  – 26 years old

“I got botox because I had smile lines that annoyed me and I felt I was too young to have them. After the Botox, I kind of freaked out and thought about what just went into my body. I eat healthy and work out, so why would I put something that’s not supposed to be in my body? While it did help, I won’t do that again.” – 28 years old

“I have severe migraines and it was taking over my life. I couldn’t be in light, and I was constantly throwing up from them. I tried everything, and Botox was the only thing left. I was terrified and I didn’t believe in altering your appearance. I was so desperate, I gave it a try and found out, it did in fact help my migraines. It’s definitely not for everyone, and there are always risks, but it was worth it for me to live a daily life. I do have to go back every 6-8 months to get a small amount, or my migraines start up again.” – 25 years old

“I honestly did it because I found out my friend did it and was simply curious. Since then, which was seven months ago I’ve booked another appointment. I get the smallest amount possible in my forehead. I also work out a lot which can increase wrinkles as well.  It’s not obvious… just makes you look a year or two younger. I like to say I look 21 again. – 25 years old

“I didn’t have the best experience. For one, they injected way too much. My eyebrows were so raised, I looked angry – someone even noticed! They relaxed again after a few weeks, but you can imagine my panic. If I do it again, I’m making sure I go to a well known dermatologist and not anyone that tries to get me to buy more units. Beware of people that are looking for money as opposed to service.” – 29 years old