Here’s How To Get An Extra Confidence Boost For Any Situation

You know that feeling when you turn on the song “Blurred Lines,” and the lyrics go, “Everybody get up,” and you can’t stop dancing? Yeah, that’s how life should be.

When it comes to summer, there’s one thing we also start to second guess – our confidence. We know looking at everyone’s IG can put you in a rut – but remember you are you for a reason and that’s what makes you so perfect. Whether you’re going on a summer date night or just need that boost before a job interview -we got you! Here are five things to do to take your self-esteem to the next level so you don’t get summertime sadness.

Dress for yourself. People will constantly try to tell you how to dress. There is a time and place for everything, but ultimately, style comes down to your personality and you need to go with what you think. Sure, you can’t wear a t-shirt dress to an interview (in most cases), and dressing up has proven to boost self-esteem, but you can wear the appropriate attire while adding your own spin. Be you, and remember that how you dress yourself is part of you.

Work out. Alright, there are no excuses. If Beyonce can learn and memorize all her dances during Coachella, you can work out two days a week very minimum. No, we aren’t talking about your size or how you look – working out just makes you feel better. Ever wonder how much you hate working out then the second it’s over feel a high? That’s the endorphins working – which makes you feel hella good. It’s a proven fact that exercise improves your image both mentally and physically, so hate it all you want while you’re running up that hill – but remember how good it is when you finished.

Spritz. Did you know that one study found that 90 percent of women wearing perfume felt more confident than when they weren’t wearing a fragrance? 90p!? That’s huge. Spritz a spray on that gives you good vibes, and we bet it’ll make you feel better – especially when someone tells you that you smell good.

Visualize your dream. We’re not trying to get all spiritual on you, but visualizing your dreams and seeing in your mind what exactly you want to feel and be really works. Whether it’s a new home, job, healthier body or happiness, visualizing yourself in this position in your mind can make you feel better and possibly create the reality according to some authors. We aren’t here to tell you if you dream and visualize a mansion you’ll get it – but we are here to tell you you’ll feel better and be a happier person if you act like you already have it.