Here’s How To Wear Chunky Sneakers – And Actually Look Good

Alright, at first we hated it, and we mean, seriously, hated it! But the more we see it, the more we are totally obsessing over chunky sneakers. Now that we love it, how do we wear it without our friends asking us, “WTF are you wearing?” 

Have no fear, just because you’re not your favorite Instagram influencer or Cardi B doesn’t mean you can’t pull the look off. But we do admit, it has to be done right – or you’ll totally look like a vacation dad (sorry father!).

We know the popular look isn’t going any where, because designers included them all over the runway, and Balenciaga was one of the first to get the style going last year. Seriously, who knew your old Sketchers would totally be “high fashion” one day – weird. It has already been spotted all over the street including on our favorite celebrities.

It’s slowly replacing ADIDAS superstars and Vans and  it totally screams Parisian-cool.  It can be worn casually with a pair of your favorite jeans, or dressier with a little mini skirt or midi dress. When it comes to wearing them with jeans, we suggest picking a shorter hem that shows above your ankle, so that you give some space and look more chic and less 80s.

If you’re totally confident, try exploring with some socks underneath. Truly, the trick to this look is the more confident you are, the more you will look legit. And word to the fashion wise – don’t try this trend with shorts unless you seriously look exsactly like Cardi B. Not sure if you’re ready to try out the trend? Take a look at some of our favorite outfits that accessorized with kicks below.