Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Says She Wants To Tone Things Down …

She may have just revealed naked photos, but Kim Kardashian says she’s going to tone it down.

Yeah, we don’t believe it either. But, she told Business of Fashion in a recent podcast that she doesn’t want her kids growing up showing off what they have.

“I mean obviously I think people get envious and in my instance, and now what I would teach my children about safety and to not be flashy and to live their lives a little bit differently as far as just really being out there.”

So how is Kim already handling this when it comes to safety of her children and life since her scary Paris trip?

“I don’t really post in real time anymore. I might film something and then I’ll be so cautious to say, ‘Can you wait and post that in an hour when we’re gone from here.’ I just don’t like people knowing my every move physically,” she explained.

We’re sure that being Kimye’s kids is going to be a struggle when it comes to privacy, so we understand why Kim tries to keep some things private – yeah, some things.