Here’s WTF To Wear To A Black Tie Wedding

Your friend’s wedding invite finally made its way to you, and you can’t wait for the big day. But while contemplating beef or chicken on the RSVP, you see black tie. Uh, what?!

Before you freak out and start attacking your closet/blowing up your friends phone with questions, relax! All it really means is you get to dress in a super fancy dress you wouldn’t normally ever get to wear. While men have it a little more strict and have to wear a tux, women get more options, therefore having a little more fun dressing up for the occasion.

Black tie usually means floor-length dresses. Wear your favorite ball gown from a previous gala or event, or hit the stores and find one with all the stops. Black tie is tasteful and elegant, allowing you to go to full lengths in jewelry, hair and makeup. It’s one of the only times you are free to look just as glammed up as the bride (just don’t wear white!).  We suggest staying away from any gown that’s super bright or has too much bling – think classy and timeless. If a dress isn’t your thing, no problem! A fancy jumpsuit and heels can also do the trick.

Still looking for some inspo? Check out some of our go-to black tie wedding looks below.